Camp Katzenstein

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Location Address
Hwy 58 SE of Warrenton, NC
$10 deposit, refunded with key. (Leave it better than you found it)
Primitive camping
No electricity, No potable water 
Wooded camping.
Small pond, fishing

Contact Scoutmaster Jack Long (252)456-3701 or e-mail


  • Has a waterpump on site, water from it is untested.
    Has a small cabin and the siding of it is burned from Jack Long not supervising a fire his workers started.
    Driveway is nothing but redmud at places
    Driveway floods out during and after rains.
    Lots of standing water (read: Mosquito trap)
    Little area for a proper fire.
    Little area for tents.
    Cabin is uninsulated.
    Has a three-flagpoles (Only one has rope installed and it is weathered nylon. Use gloves when hoisting flag.)
    Thick brush and cutover/briers  on one side, dense forest on the other.
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